Watkins Nurseries, Inc. supplies a variety of landscaping materials to the Richmond, VA area. Our trucks deliver 5-20 yards of soil, 5-20 yards of compost,  1-14 yards of sand, 5-25 yards of mulch, or 1-20 tons of gravel per order. Not sure how much you need? Refer to the chart below or give us a call today at (804) 379-TREE.

How Much Do I Need?

How Much Will it Cost?

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How Much Do I Need?

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Soils and Mulches

Gravel, Stone, and Sand

 How Much Will it Cost?

Homeowner Picked-Up Prices are in the table below. Please call for delivery prices.

Material Picked-Up Price
Blended Screen Topsoil $27 per yard
Screened Topsoil $22 per yard
Compact-able Fill Dirt $10 per yard
Screened Organic Compost $30 per yard
Double Shredded Hardwood or Pine Bark Mulch $28 per yard
Dyed Shredded Mulch (black or brown) $34 per yard
Dyed Hardwood Mulch $35 per yard
Certified Playground Mulch $32 per yard
Concrete Sand $60 per yard
Brick Sand $60 per yard
Granite #57’s, Crush & Run or Granite Dust $28 per yard
Crushed River Rock $90 per yard
Pea Gravel or River Rock #57’s $71 per yard
River Rock #3’s $78 per yard
                             Prices Subject to Change. Please call for delivery pricing. (804) 379-TREE.


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