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Stone and Gravel Delivery

We delivery a variety of stone and gravel for any driveway or landscaping need. Our trucks can deliver anywhere from 1 to 20 tons of stone or driveway gravel. Please give us a call to determine how much stone you may need for you next project.

Stone and Gravel We Supply

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**Please note, not all gravels are available for pick-up. Please refer to this list if you are planning on picking-up material from our Dry Bridge office**

  • Gabion Stone – Football-sized granite stones used for creek beds and hillsides.
  • Crush & Run (21a’s, 21b’s, or 26’s) – half granite dust, half granite rock mixed together. Also good for patio installation.
  • Crushed River Rock – 3/4″ crushed brown stone. Makes excellent decorative driveways.
  • River Rock #57 – .5″-1.25″ rounded stone commonly used for landscaping.
  • River Rock #3 – 1-3″ rounded stone commonly used for landscaping.
  • Pea Gravel – .25″-.5″ round stones used in driveways, playgrounds and sidewalks.
  • Granite Dust – Used for backfilling foundation or in horse stalls, riding rings, or dog pins.
  • Granite #3 – 3″ granite stone used as a base for new driveways or construction areas.
  • Granite #5 – 1″-1.5″ crushed granite stone. Good for drainage.
  • Granite #68, #78 – Small to medium sized crushed granite stone used for driveways or sidewalks.
  • Granite #8 – Tiny gravel sometimes used for sidewalks or with permeable pavers.
  • Granite  #57 – .5″-1″ granite stone mix, the most common driveway gravel. Also used with some retaining walls.

How Much Will I Need?

1 ton of clean stone covers a 10×12′ area 2″ deep.

1 ton of granite dust or crush & run covers a 10×10′ area 2″ deep.


crush and run





granite #3


granite #57


granite #78, granite #68, granite #8


pea gravel


River Rock #3

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