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Watkins Nurseries, Inc. has a variety of high quality soils and sands for all of your landscaping needs.  Our trucks deliver 5-20 yards of soil per order.  To help you figure out how much soil you many need, refer to the list below, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Soils We Supply

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  • Blended Topsoil -A blend of compost and screened topsoil. Used for lawns and flower beds.
  • Screened Topsoil – Basic topsoil with nothing added. Most roots and clods have been screened out.
  • Contractor Soil – Cheaper dirt option that consists of mulch pieces and twigs.
  • Fill Dirt – Unscreened red clay used to build up and compact driveways or yards.

How Much Will I Need?

Depth Material Needed
4″ Deep approximately 81 square feet per cubic yard
3″ Deep approximately 108 square feet per cubic yard
2″ Deep approximately 162 square feet per cubic yard
        *All measurements are approximate and vary by job.

blended topsoil


fill dirt

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